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ANA Drinks is a dedicated non-alcoholic bottle shop in Adelaide, South Australia that specialises in stocking Australian made non-alcoholic products.

Upon struggling to find premium non-alcoholic alternatives in Adelaide, we started ANA Drinks to give South Australians a place to come to seek advice, to view a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks and to conveniently pick up their favourite products without having to wait around for an online delivery. 

This has since expanded and now we're proud to be sending non-alcoholic drinks all across Australia including Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. 

Non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits provide the adult drinker a chance to still partake in social gatherings with family, friends and co-workers with any of the negative effects that comes with consuming alcohol. 

I love how inclusive the non-alcoholic sapce is and the positive choices it allows people.

Lisa Fraser | Owner & Founder

Looking for a DRY non-alcoholic wine?

Been to the supermarket and picked up a non-alcoholic wine that was just too sweet? We hear you. Hopefully making your life a little easier, we've put together the top 10 driest and best quality non-alcoholic wines, across sparkling, white, red and rose for you. Enjoy!

We Deliver Non-Alcoholic Drinks Australia Wide

Can't pop into our store? No worries, shop online with ease with fast dispatch and delivery across Australia. We stock a range of quality and premium non-alcoholic products that ship for free. Making it easier to try new products and also get them delivered straight to your door. We use a trusted courier service to ensure all the products arrive quickly, safely and in perfect condition.

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What is a Non-Alcoholic Drink?

In Australia a Non-Alcoholic Drink is classified as having less than 0.5% ABV (Alcohol by volume) - that's the same level that can sometimes be detected in some fruit juices, kombuchas and other common foods & drinks.

We understand that some of you are seeking 0.0% products for a variety of reasons so all drinks online will have the ABV listed in the product description as per what is listed on their respective label.



We offer free tastings at our physical store in Adelaide on Friday & Saturday.

We often promote when we have specific products on tasting via our social media channels. We highly recommend you follow either our Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on what we have for tasting. If you are looking to visit to try something specific, please reach out to confirm what's available before coming.

  • Lisa

    The best things in life revolve around people, food & drink. You can't change my mind.

    Lisa's Picks 
  • Manasi

    Love something sweet but also my dark spirits. The non-alc rum & colas or malt & colas are just *chef's kiss*

    Manasi's Picks 

Our Dinner Party Picks

More and more people are choosing to reduce or go without alcohol and it's important to have a range of non-alcoholic options that suit the occasion. Whether you're the one that isn't drinking or you have guests that are not drinking, we've done the hard work and put together a list of products that many of our regulars have enjoyed so far to date! These are our top non-alcoholic picks for a dinner party!