Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best non-alcoholic wine you have? 

There isn't one! Just like traditional alcoholic wine, there are many different styles coming from different regions that will have different taste and character profiles. The best way to pick up a non-alcoholic wine that you will have a better chance of enjoying, you need to ask yourself what grapes or style you like and then focus on the varieties that are available. For instance, if you like Shiraz, this will taste very different to if you enjoy Pinot Noir. Just remember, that taste is different for everyone so the best way is to try a couple of different ones until you find something you like. 

How long can I keep my non-alcoholic wine open for? 

Just like regular wine the rule of thumb that the non-alcoholic wine should be good for at least 2-3 days if you put it in fridge to store after opening. At the 4-5 day mark the quality will start to degrade. Best to drink on the day of opening or finish the next day! 

Why does my non-alcoholic drinks still contain alcohol? (<0.5% ABV)

In Australia, the definition of a non-alcoholic drinks is that it contains less than 0.5% ABV. This is the same detectable amount that can be found in a range of other common foods and drinks such as certain types of fruits, kombucha and fermented goods like kimchi. Makers do display this on their labels to be transparent as many non-alcoholic drinks are de-alcoholised. 

Do you have any non-alcoholic or zero drinks that have no preservatives? 

Unfortunately there isn't many non-alcoholic products that are preservative free. This is because without the presence of alcohol; which is a preserving agent itself, many makers need to add something to give it a stable shelf life. We do have some products that are a bit more friendly than others, so reach out if you want to know more. 

When will you get Guinness Zero in store? 

Guinness Zero is currently not available in Australia at this time. We regularly check in with the brand owner and the national distributor for the Guinness brand to ensure that if and when Guinness Zero is made available in Australia that we will be one of the first retailers to get it. 

I have a wedding or event coming up, do you do wholesale? 

Yes! If you have an event or wedding coming up we can most definitely supply you will a larger order of non-alcoholic drinks. We have a discount structure in place for these kinds of occasions. Get in touch with us directly to find out more. 

Do you have a dry non-alcoholic wines? 

Yes! We have a large selection of dry, sweet and something in between. In most of our product descriptions the sugar content is displayed. We find dry non-alcoholic wines typically are less than 3g/100ml.

Why are non-alcoholic drinks so expensive when there's no alcohol tax in Australia? 

Non-alcoholic drinks are speciality products that often have to go through a similar if not the same process as their alcoholic equivalent. Whilst there's no alcohol tax applied to these products, there's additional cost to de-alcoholise and most makers only make the minimum quantity at a time, meaning they're not able to lower their costs by making more. To make a good non-alcoholic drink, quality products must be sourced and used and this can often add to the cost. 

Do you do tastings at the shop? 

Yes! We always have something available for tasting, however it is a bit more limited during the week day. If you wanted to try a larger selection of products, it's best to visit us on Friday or Saturday. All our tastings are always free. 

Do non-alcoholic wines have more sugar than regular wine? 

Yes and No! It depends on which non-alcoholic wine you choose to drink as all the wines have different levels of sugar ranging from bone dry to very sweet.