Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines for Christmas 2023

With Christmas and the festive season approaching fast, it's no surprise that we all are starting to look at our options for the big day including getting ahead of some shopping. One big thing to consider for this year is the inclusion of non-alcoholic wines or beers at your lunch and dinner tables, even if you and your family like to pop open the 'real bubbly'. If you have a big family like ours or are planning to spend Christmas day at two different houses it's especially important to have good options for those that are driving or have a big day ahead of them celebrating. Whilst it is very tempting to pop the champagne at 9am, consider opening a non-alcoholic sparkling or prosecco to get the day started. 

Below are our top 5 picks for the season that will be sure to impress over Christmas.


1. Pure Vision Zero Sparkling 

Crowd favourite if you're looking for a dry bubble that's got great depth and complexity. Pure Vision is a brand that operates just south of the Barossa Valley in South Australia and focuses on growing and producing organic and sustainable wines. They source and use their own organically grown Chardonnay for this sparkling and the quality really shows. It has a lovely balance of citrus and would be fantastic to match with oysters or a platter board. 

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2. Sidewood Estate 'Nearly Naked' Sparkling 

This one is just fantastic. Very clever use of Sauvignon Blanc from their estate, Sidewood Estate is based in the Adelaide Hills and is a very well known and loved winery for the South Australian locals. This Sauvignon Blanc sparkling is a touch avant garde as it delivers beautiful lemon citrus notes combined with a touch of tropical fruits and stone fruits on the palate. Definitely one to get your hands on. 

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3. Patritti V.NO Sparkling Shiraz 

Where are my sparkling shiraz patriots? You either grew up drinking sparkling shira or you didn't. But if you did then this one is for you! Patritti have done a stellar job crafting this non-alcoholic sparkling shiraz and it is to die for. It is very good, lovely dark fruits with oak and dry finish thanks to soft tannins which are noticable at the very end of the palate. This is one that will run out the door, so be quick. 

Link to buy here

4. Barossa Wine Cartel No, No Sparkling 

Straight from the Barossa Valley, this small batch wine maker has gone hybrid with this beautiful sparkling white. The additional of Chamomile works wonderfully against the non-alcoholic white. This bubbly is a bit on the sweeter side. So if you're into sparkling that is sweeter this one is for you! 

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5. NON 1: Chamomile & Salted Raspberry 

If you're looking for a bubbly that isn't too sweet and will sit nicely with you for the entire day look no further. NON 1 isn't technically a non-alcoholic wine buy it will very wonderful and savoury to go with your Christmas lunch. Beautiful and complex you will taste every flavour that is written on the label. Another one you must consider for the festive season! 

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