About Us

Welcome to ANA Drinks!

ANA stands for Australian Non Alcoholic Drinks and we pride ourselves on stocking a large variety of local Australian made non-alcoholic and zero made products. We are Adelaide's only dedicated non-alcoholic bottleshop. 

We are one of Australia's first dedicated non-alcoholic bottleshop that specialises in stocking high quality zero beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. We opened our physical store on Hutt Street in Adelaide in spring of 2022. Since then we have grown to become one of Australia's leading speciality stores for the non-alcoholic category and a source for many people to come in browse, try and chat about different options that work for their lifestyle. 

Upon visiting our store our staff are trained to help you through the large selection of different non-alcoholic drinks, styles and flavours to help you find products that best suits your palate and what you love! We also hold regular tastings rotating through different products weekly, giving you a chance to try many of our amazing products before buying them! 

For our online store, we try and put as much detail into the descriptions to help you make the best informed decisions. 

We ship Australia wide so you can get your non-alcoholic drinks delivered in the comfort of your own home.