Winter screams non-alcoholic stout!

It's winter for most parts of Australia and it will continue to be cold for at least another few months. Whilst the hunt for Guinness Zero is forever ongoing, we wanted to list out 3 non-alcoholic stouts you need to try this winter! 

Hop Nation 'Stars Align' Stout 

This non-alcoholic stout is probably the closest out of all the stouts we stock to a typical and traditional stout. Super light but full of flavour, this one has great toasty and smokiness throughout. It's not overly sweet and is quite pleasant either cold or room temperature right now. 

Link to check it out HERE


Heaps Normal 'Coffee Run' Stout 

As its name suggests this non-alcoholic stout is a coffee stout. This little number is really quite amazing. Coffee and stout go together like Vegemite on toast. It's definitely giving us breakfast beers vibes as it is a laced with this epic cold drip coffee characteristic. Really delicious and certainly very more-ish. 

Link to check it out HERE


Big Drop 'Galactic Milk' Stout 

If there was ever a stout to compare to the holy grail of non-alcoholic stouts, it might be this one. Like the sort after Guinness Zero, this one is a touch sweeter than the other non-alcoholic stouts out there. It has this delicious creaminess and softness about it that just works. I get chocolate and cream on this one and it's just yummy.  

Link to check it out HERE


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