Our favourite non-alcoholic shiraz right now!

It's winter for most of Australia and that means one thing: it's red wine season. It's a perfect time of year to be sitting somewhere cosy or having a beautiful wholesome dinner with a glass of red in hand. For whatever reason you're not consuming alcohol, let us give you our hot takes on what non-alcoholic shiraz that is absolutely standing out to us! 

Pure Vision Zero Shiraz 

It should not be a surprise this cracking non-alcoholic shiraz is on the list. Not only has the Pure Vision Zero Shiraz won numerous gold medals and accolades, but there's a reason for it too! This is a non-alcoholic shiraz that is made carefully from the start, using organically grown grapes from their vineyards.This is a really important step as you need to start with good grapes to make good wine before it's de-alcoholised. If you use sub par grapes from the start, you end up with a non-alcoholic wine that is just not up to scratch. Pure Vision is honestly, a shining example of what good non-alcoholic red wine is all about. Expect distinctive lush dark fruit character such as plums, cherries and blackcurrant and soft tannins. It's easy drinking and the addition of oak completes the circle. This one is definitely high on the recommendation list for us. 

Triple Creek 'B1654' Shiraz 

This is probably the biggest kept secret in the world of non-alcoholic wines right now. Triple Creek is based in the famous Barossa Valley and have come out as a strong and consistent contender in the non-alcoholic wine space. Recently claiming their first gold medal with Wine Showcase Magazine, the 'B1654' Shiraz has distinctive shiraz characteristics that's hard to mistake. Beautiful typical fruit character such as plums, cherries and blackberries as well as oak to round it out. The tannins on this is present with a little help of some air as you take a sip and it's remarkable at how similar this is to 'the real thing'. Whilst it's no heavy Barossa Valley shiraz, it certainly is a lighter and more more elegant style that can be thoroughly enjoyed. 

Altina 'Pepperberry' Shiraz 

Okay. We need to talk about this interesting non-alcoholic shiraz that Altina have brought out. As many of us know, Altina have been around for a few years now and is one of the most recognisable non-alcoholic brands in Australia. Originally releasing a sparkling range, much of their feedback was that their customers wanted something that was fuller and drier. Listening to their customers feedback, Altina did something quite avant-garde. They recognised that non-alcoholic wines are very light once de-alcoholised and decided to introduce a secondary and signature ingredient to their wines. This in effect, lifts the body and provides a complementary dimension to their wines making it interesting yet delicious. For their shiraz, Altina added native Australian pepperberry, giving their wine a beautiful spicy and peppery finish. This along with the fruit character is a very successful combination that we are all in for. This Pepperberry shiraz is very dry yet still very fruity. Definitely a must try for those still not satisfied with non-alcoholic wines that can be found in the supermarket.

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