New non-alcoholic products you need to know about!

Are you someone that is in constant search for interesting and new non-alcoholic products that either taste better or more interesting? As a dedicated non-alcoholic bottleshop we are fortunate enough to be one of the first retailers in Australia to get new and exciting products. Here's some of the most interesting products that have just landed in our store this past month! 

Krinklewood Estate 'Liberte' Sparkling Rose 

All the way from Krinklewood Estate in NSW, this is a unique and ultra premium non-alcoholic wine. I'm going to go ahead a call it, but I believe this is the first non-alcoholic wine in Australia that uses organic AND biodynamic grapes. The wine itself is off dry and packed full of beautiful and elegant fruit and citrus. Perfect for a warmer day or if you're celebrating. 

Link to check this out HERE


TINA 2.0 - Raspberry fruit & leaf, jasmine pearls and wax flower

Holy Moly. TINA brings a new dimension to the non-alcoholic space by really shifting our mindsets away from non-alcoholic replicas of traditional alcoholic drinks. This sparkling tea infused drink is a must have for anyone that is craving something that is a bit more complex on the palate. The number 2 follows the success of their first TINA and is dry, delicious and balanced between floral and fruit characteristics. Tea provides tannins love and we're all in for this journey with TINA. 

Link to check it out HERE

HOPR - The Citra & Amarillo Hops One 

We love HOPR. Not only did they take the plunge and made the first sparkling hop water beverage in Australia, they are also one of the first to pioneer the casual non-alcoholic functional beverage space. Why this is a bit of a gem, also lies in the fact there's no sugar, no gluten and no dairy, meaning that a range of different people can enjoy HOPR if you happen to have an intolerance. This on in particular has to be one of our new favourites with the addition of the Nootropics and Adaptogens, The Citra & Amarillo Hops One also comes with flavours of peach and grapefruit. HOPR uses the Nootropics and Adaptogens to help people feel a natural buzz and sense of relaxation in lieu of alcohol. This makes it a great choice if you're looking to simply enjoy a non-alcoholic alternative more regularly in your lifestyle or similar looking for something that's a bit more healthier in the non-alcoholic space. 

Link to check it out HERE



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