I just want a dry non-alcoholic wine!

I think one of the most commonly asked question in the store is "I just want a dry non-alcoholic wine". I suspect that most people now these days have given into the curiosity of the non-alcoholic category and have brought it upon themselves to sneak a bottle or two into their trolleys at the supermarket. Now, if you've taken a non-alcoholic wine home and had to tip it down the drain, then let me tell you - you're not alone. Now, without the presence of alcohol in the wine, we naturally seem to be more sensitive to the fruity characteristics of the non-alcoholic wine and to the sugar. Tannin which usually is present to dry out the mouth is not there and is often what we miss when we choose to the non-alcoholic alternative. Now it's not all bad news, as many winemakers are making a conscious effort to create a drier non-alcoholic product. So here are our top picks if you're still struggling to find something that is worthwhile. 

Sidewood Estate 'Nearly Naked' Sparkling 

I am super excited about this one. Not only is Sidewood Estate a very reputable wine brand in Australia, they have also nailed this non-alcoholic sparkling. It is super unique as it's a Sauvignon Blanc based sparkling which is something I never came across when I was drinking a lot of alcoholic wine. But it works and it's a game changer. This sparkling has all the aromas that you'd expect from a Sauvignon Blanc and is bone dry. Very delicious with good mouthfeel, this one is an obvious recommendation for anyone looking for a dry bubble. 

Link to check it out HERE

Altina 'Finger Lime' Sauvignon Blanc 

If you couldn't already tell, we love Altina and their products, this one is no different. This sauvignon blanc is packed with wonderfully cool characteristics of cucumber, nectarine and almost reminds you of something that came out of Margaret River in Western Australia. The finger lime just reinforces it's body and delivers a super refreshing white wine that is also bone dry and absolutely delightful on its own or with food. 

Link to check it out HERE

Konpira Maru Dolcetto 

I think you need to throw the rule book out for this one, because Konpira Maru have delivered on the memo. This non-alcoholic dolcetto is bone dry. It's our driest non-alcoholic red wine and instead of presenting fruity characteristics, you need to think more like sour cherries on the palate. This one is excellent with food and works well with heavy savoury dishes. Be warned if you were previously a shiraz drinker, that it doesn't have that silky lush fruit characteristics. But if you're looking for dry, this is the red for you. 

Link to check it out HERE




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