Best non-alcoholic and zero drinks from Melbourne and Victoria!

The brunch capital of Australia and also home to some amazing non-alcoholic producers and powerhouses. If you're looking for some inspiration, stuff that's a bit harder to find from your local bottleshop and want to try and support some amazing non-alcoholic drinks from Melbourne and Victoria, well you're in the right place! These are our recommendations for some of the BEST non-alcoholic drinks in Melbourne and Victoria right now! 


1. Awesome Source Premium G&T

This awesome small batch artisan non-alcoholic gin & tonic maker is just the absolute best if you're looking to treat yourself or start the night with something that is above the bar. Made with more botanicals than most gins, this non-alcoholic ready made little bottle is something you MUST try. 

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2. NON 7: Stewed Cherries & Cold Brew Coffee

The pioneers of the wine alternative space, we have NON! You have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard of these guys. Our recommendation is the NON 7 which has this awesome balance of coffee, cherries and spice. Beautifully complex and just a lot of fun to drink with friends and food. 

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3. Hop Nation 'Stars Align' Zero Stout 

We love Hop Nation! This non-alcoholic stout is the best. It's probably what we would describe as the closest to your traditional stout. It's got a lovely toasty and smokey characteristic that is underwritten with lovely notes of coffee and chocolate. Really good and one of the best non-alcoholic stouts out there! 

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4. Banks Botanicals Non Alcoholic Gin Spirit 

If you're looking for a very unique non-alcoholic gin that is packed with wonderful earthy botanicals look no further. This non-alcoholic gin presents dry with notes of wattleseed, cinnamon and cassia. Delicious if you're looking for something a little drier and pair with your favourite tonic and garnish with Grapefruit. 

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