Alcohol Free drinks to get your weekend started!

Wooohooo It's Friday! That magical day of the week for a lot of us where it's only a couple more hours until we can relax, socialise or find time for those pesky little chores we've been putting off in the week. If you're like us, you're probably going to be watching the World Cup and more particularly the mighty clash between the Aussies and the French! The Aussies are certainly the underdogs to win in this up coming quarter finals match, so let's dress up, get on brand and cheer as loud as we can - all while having a delicious alcohol free drink in hand! 

Here are our top picks for this weekend keeping with the green and gold theme! 

Stomping Ground Pine Lime Zero 'Smash Sour' 

Yummm! Is it summer yet? Not quite, but honestly if you like sour beers, this zero sour beer is for you. Nice and fruity but with this kick of sourness that comes right after your first sip. Stomping Ground Brewery are just freaking awesome and if you're from Melbourne then you know that this is a hidden institution that is only growing more in popularity! Enjoy a non-alcoholic sour with the game! 

Altina 'Finger Lime' Sauvignon Blanc 

Have we told you how much we love Altina? This brand is super consistent but also super innovative with their zero wines. Using a de-alcoholised sauvignon blanc base they add native Finger Lime to give it this beautiful kick of cool citrus. This is nice and dry whilst still having that fruitiness about it. Super refreshing if you're looking for a non-alcoholic wine that is full and packed with flavour! 

Tamburlaine Zero Pinot Gris 

Straight out of the Hunter Valley and using Organic Grapes, this is a fantastic zero wine that captures what you are looking for in a Pinot Gris. Light with hints of apple, pear and a bit of citrus this one is dry and crisp. If you like Pinot Gris then this one is for you! 

Mismatch Zero Pale Ale 

From the Adelaide Hills and to your hand ready to cheer on the Aussies! This is a great easy drinking non-alcoholic pale ale that just hits the spot. Good hops and balanced bitterness this is definitely one to have on standby. 

ALTD Spirits 'Green Grocer' 

Working with native botanicals the ALTD Spirits 'Green Grocer' is absolutely delicious over ice, tonic and your favourite garnish. With native lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry and wild thyme this herby non-alcoholic gin is perfect to celebrate the upcoming game! 

Sidewood Estate 'Nearly Naked' Sparkling 

This is an alcohol free sparkling you need to get your head around. It's made with premium Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown on their estate and turned into a fabulous sparkling that is dry crisp and packed full of flavour! Absolutely delish and the perfect toast to the weekend... or any occassion really! 

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